Mornings Suck

I have to leave for a meeting at University this morning at 9, said meeting was thrust upon me during the last solar period, I had a previous arrangement with another person at ten, since I have no contact details for said person I can’t even pay the curtsey of explaining the situation and rescheduling.

I woke at 6:30 and put on clothes, I have done this  twice this morning, the excess relates to spilt milk which I didn’t cry over, but did curse using language that sailors,hobos, and members of the service industry are accustomed to mumbling behind the backs of hose they serve.

I have shopping time today lest any further sudden rescheduling should take place, during this time I plan to get more deliciously consumable food items and find an Internet cafe which I will use to converse with my many intelligent and smart-dressing cohorts, I still keep the ones who dress ugly, because you never know when an unfortunately misdirected bullet may require embracing, lest it defecate upon your smart outfit.

And now i listen to the incredibly fast Finnish melody that is Caramelldansen, it helps numb me, in preparation for what comes, whatever that may be, for the curious, I’m listening to the DDDR mix, because the  original is a little slow for mind-numbing.

I can watch C4 in Christchurch, and I have become rather fond of Blender, below is my list of music to obtain when I get back to civilisation, or a regular Internet connection, it’s all the same really

    Massive Attack- Teardrop
    Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor
    Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol
    Bloc Party – Flux
    Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight
    The Wombats – Lets Dance To Joy Division


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