Heads, Hands, Knives

This morning started late, I woke at 8:30, quickly dressed, and ate the second to last yogurt from the fridge, I then proceeded to get exactly 1.5 shoes on before the process was interrupted  by the hand of a human impacting the external human entry barrier, which I had not made movable since I immobilized some hours prior.

I removed the barrier and greeted the hand, which as it turns out was attached to a head amongst other things; this head was none other then the head of my occupational therapist, who proceeded to hijack my occupation in order to make t meet her need to talk about and perform actions relating to the use of several different types of cutting implements including and limited to nail clippers and scissors.

After shoeing the therapist, I proceeded to mount 0.5 shoes, bringing my total shoe count to the expected 3.0 (including the therapist) I had thoughts of motions to appease my new found desire for dental hygiene, thoughts that may have become actions, save for the thud of hand  hitting the barrier.

It has become apparent that human hands have a few things in common, and this hand was no exception,  I shall list these commonalities below for the readers benefit:

  1. They all have an odd perversion that causes them to repeatedly collide with human barriers,, perhaps as some kind of breeding behaviour handed down through generations of hands
  2. Most hands appear to be attached to heads, although almost never directly

What differentiates this hand from it’s predecessor is that this hand belongs to the head of Daryl, one of the coaches here, who’s job it was to take me to The Warehouse to purchase various necessaries, including a horse, which I have elected to use to hang clothes on,  and some Tupperware, which is partially broken, to store cereal in.

Whilst at the retail establishment, I purchased a copy of the album “Stop The Clocks” by Oasis; I have always looked with warmth upon their more popular tracks, having purchased their album. I can confirm that my risk i has yielded an excellent return.


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