The Strangest of Cubes

Mum and Dave came to visit today and kindly took me out to a Chinese place, aptly named “Red” recommended by an acquaintance of Stu who works in radio advertising or something

The restaurant made an effort to appear authentic aesthetically speaking, the food is worthy of no remark and the service was mostly good, except for the disappearing king prawns ordered by my mother, in recompense for this, the very apologetic staff gave us our dessert on the house.

Our meal consisted of several very large shared courses, a fitting model for a restaurant whose name is probably an allusion to communism.

For dessert I had deep fried milk cubes, which tasted sweet, almost like  marshmallow, the name is a tad deceptive, but reasonably so considering how unappetising deep fried milk chunks sound.

After finishing our meal, we went food shopping to replenish my food and energy drink supply, I also acquired $50 credit for my phone, normally I’d buy $20 but given the amount of mobile Internet I’m using, what would have been blatant excess is now a necessity.

Mum and Dave are staying in a hotel for the night, what tomorrow holds I do not know.

I should mention we bought a ram whose balls are allegedly the size of deflated rugby balls, and so should have ample fertilisation capacity for our sheep


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