Reality Isn’t Cheap Unless It’s on Television

It’s 11:40PM Sunday, and if I were to summarize this day, I could not look past the excessive amounts of sugar I have consumed. this coupled with the pizza (albeit a small one) I shared with peter means I have invoked MAD upon my teeth and my sleeping habits, and in so doing have potentially undermined some of the progress I have been making. this is my choice and now I must deal with the consequences, whatever they might be, whenever they might wish to rear their ugly head.

In this world there are many evil forces, and within these,a select few with societal omnipotence equal to that which is held to the vital organs of society by telecommunications companies; it is for this reason that I dread tomorrow, for tomorrow I begin a terrifying intercourse with Telecom to ensure a more reasonably priced way to access the Internet.

Moving out of home has taught me many lessons, and will continue to do so for some time to come I suspect; one such lesson is that the world is an expensive place to live sans abstraction from the  expenses of the lifestyle to which one may have become accustomed.

This doesn’t just apply to monitory expense either, time is precious; one has at his disposal a limited amount of  time per day, on my own things that were done for me are now mine to do, this has lead to a change in my behaviours and standards, for example, where before I might have used a cup to drink a glass of milk, now I find value in drinking from the bottle because it saves me time that would otherwise be consumed cleaning a cup.

In having my own place I have realised new freedoms, one that I am particularly enjoying is freedom from judgement,, though my family has always been accepting of almost anything, I have always felt that I would be judged to some degree simply because that is a part of human nature, now, living away from other people, I am completely free to do as I wish, and I like that a lot.

I am in the process of re-attempting to go to university, this my second attempt comes equipped with the trimmings and spoils of far better planning and support than my previous attempt, from this I draw a greater degree if confidence  that I shall emerge victorious and bettered to my prior form; this is not to say I am not nervous about attending university, I would be defecating on my virtue to make such an allegation, however, I am now a lot more confident I can overcome these barriers and succeed.


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