The Darkness After The Brilliance

I had a very frustrating day today, I don’t know exactly why, but the frustration was well timed, because the previous day I had organised to go out with a few friends to see Juno, the event to which the brilliance acknowledged in this entry can levy blame for it’s existence, I enjoyed it as a polish person might enjoy whatever it is that the polish people enjoy to do wile looking for enjoyable and polish things to do.

My frustration relief almost became a frustration in it’s own right, when I learned that our plans had ben overheard and a trip for the entire facility to see the very same movie was planned, luckily I was speared from the irritation of a group outing with the very people I was trying to out myself from, because the institution patrons attended a separate, dissimilar, and therefore not the same moving image viewing establishment to me and my merry band of associates.

Relief from my frustrations was not the only brilliance to come of this rotation of the sun around the earth, for today, I cooked pasta, this is monumental for me, its the first time I’ve cooked something without the involvement of a microwave and the first time I’ve ever been able to reach, let alone use a stove, it was a small progression toward my overall independence, but one that I am very proud of.

Tomorrow I venture out of the facility again to attend a meeting with the man in charge of maths and statistics courses at university, those of you who know me know that describing math as my forte is like describing my legs as operational, nonetheless these subjects are the fulcrum in the academic leaver which I pull with an eye to propel my aspirations to work as a software developer from concept to vocation.

It is a source of great joy to report to you, my humble, excellent and very attractive reader, that I  have made some progress with respect to my ongoing experimentation with coffee, I recently tried a mocaccino and very much enjoyed it, and the free miniature amalgam  of marshmallow and chocolate shaped like a fish which accompanied it, the subject of my next foray into this world of Italian branded  caffeine delivery solutions will be the much converted late

Tomorrow I purchase outlook to help synchronise my day plan (amongst many other things) with my phone which will be of great assistance inn helping to organise my life, this is of course welcome but in retrospect of my time spent inn rehab so far I have been unusually organised and on time,a trend I have ambitions to extend to my life in general.

Before I go, I should mention that I’m writing this in semi-darkness, because a fuse blew and the light was rejected by the socket, it landed mostly intact on my couch, but I can’t se the lights because there are fragments of glass and exposed fuse in the void once filled by the spent bulb which sits on my desk, reminding me that I will one day meet the same fate that befell it

And now, my dear reader we have reached the time where the words stop, and those who continue to read begin to look like evolutionary outcasts in the eyes of those who understand that at the end, there is no more, lest it cease to be the end, I hope you are one of those people that stop after the word sake.


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