University: Almost There, Sort Of

I had a meeting with Rowan and the man who tells stories of excrement and has an exceptionally long ponytail, who’s name completely escapes me, to discuss my course choices and how they would be managed around my rehab.

I have reasoned it best to take a single course, I am doing the certificate in university preparation which requires me to complete an academic communication course as a component, I will either do this or the statistics elective first as it is the most gradual in terms of application of workload (and therefore stress), and has least to do with numbers, which are primarily evil little creatures that travel in mobs, confusing the  Wrong-Eyed-Jesus out of people who are either not evil enough to comprehend them, or as in my case, not of a compatible type of evil.

It has been suggested that I begin my study at the February intake, this makes logical sense since it is the first possible opportunity and would allow me to best capitalize on the energy and sightly more positive attitude I have acquired, thanks in large part to the success I have had in rehab thus far.

I am slightly concerned about obtaining a student loan, or more precisely the ratio of loan payments to time, while these loans are interest free, the idea of carrying around a large amount of debt is not one that behoves hope and joy, on the contrary fear and despair are behoved of me, and have come to fruition.

If I do enrol in the aforementioned course, assuming I pass I will be eligible o enter any level 100 course, my desired academic perversion is computer science, however university is not my only option and it would be foolhardy of me not to at least give the others a cursory stare, followed by the kind of withering glace a public librarian might give any patron wearing cargo pants, or a beanie, the kind of stare that writes upon the face of the receiver “inadequate” in large red font such as that modelled below


If I decide not to go to university my other option for qualifications is to obtain vendor certifications such as those offered by Microsoft for a plethora of different Microsoft technologies including .NET and C#.

Regardless of which path I take, right now I am uncertain and I don’t like it at all, so a decision is forthcoming


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