I Hate The Circus Right Now

Human life is a circus, in spite of my many deficiencies, I still walk the tightrope that is consciousness each and every day. I fall, and the thousands of people below, who seconds earlier might have trampled each other to death, just to take another step toward the finish line, in their own personal marathon of self-satisfaction, suddenly find themselves embraced by a sense of unity instigated by a common need to make that incredibly annoying sound you humans make when acknowledging someone else’s pain.

I like to argue, because most of the time reducing an argument to a core principle, and then making the projector of said argument question that principle is fun, however when you are on the tightrope, arguing with gravity does not result in fun, because, if gravity wins that argument the looser gets to feel pain, tonight my dear reader, I am that looser.

While watching episodes 8 – 14 of Scrubs which I have recently borrowed from one of my attractive celebrity friends, my graphics driver decided that the time was right to loose it’s internal state and my good friend the kernel did it’s job and rebooted the driver without complaint, it did this four more times before loosing it’s will to live and shooing itself in the head, the sound waves created by the blast knocked me from the tightrope, with my safety net now a crumpled mess, I hit the ground, it was at this point blue death took over.

Now, I am tired, very tired, I would sleep, but if I do I will keep my celebrity friend waiting in the morning,


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