Identity, Perks, Progress

The rain fell as if to become the tangible representation of humpty dumpty, like so many things in life this intersection of rhyme and reality was corrupt; in falling, the water fulfilled the rhymes basic prophecy, sans the warmth and joy of heart of that which it impersonates,, a cold wind was the only substitute that could be mustered.

I can be a very stubborn person, today I exhibited this behaviour as I raised a proverbial finger to the meteorological fowl-ness that had befallen my outing and proceeded to the post shop to file an application for an 18+ card; this card identifies  me photographically and verbally in lieu of a licence which I have yet to obtain. Acquiring this should authenticate me as of suited age to revel in the nefarious activities purveyors of nefarious activities may from time to time choose to purvey.

Between the post shop and home, I stopped at a cafe, where I lost my coffee virginity to an ice coffee. I found it to be mafia-esque in how quickly it made me an offer I could not refuse, my choices were laid out thusly:

  1. Swift and safe passage from confinement in the bladder
  2. An annexe of the bladder ending in the embarrassment of public urination

I chose the former

Inspire of it’s demands, I did enjoy the coffee, should my will be projected upon my reality, I shall find myself consuming another in short order.

I must retire early this eve to facilitate the early rise to consciousness demanded by my visit to the university to meet with course advisors,, and in so doing the next little step toward the next big step in my existence,

I am both apprehensive and excited, I prey the former fades before the latter and that i can use the energy it creates to fuel the many small successes that will become the cumulative success I wish my life to be.


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