Another Globe, Same Domination

The way in which the mind of an evil genius operates is a prospect to perplex even the most insightful among ye, we, the possessors oft fare no better in disambiguation of these Pandora’s boxen; navigation of self is as difficult for us as the next man.
During the searching that accompanies the moon, while completing the shedding of the days dirt, a ripple to mark the surfacing of new knowledge born.
Absorbing this took some time; the basic principle projected by this newcomer to my conscious mind was to violate a good deal of what I knew to this point to be true.
The core of this new knowledge is that I am happy; this can not be taken at the typical face value of happiness, it is not the happiness found in things, or by gift of a fortunate alignment of circumstance, ended at a moments notice, I have experienced all of these, to none should this happiness be credited.
This happiness comes from a greater assessment of my world, it indicates that when all the changes I have made are contrasted against the abdicated status quo, then I am happy, and that when I look beyond what is in front of me, by projection of my current behaviours to virgin time, I am happy; further to this I must attribute a portion of this happiness to the lack of outside control of my life, notwithstanding interactions with things outside my control, my life is controlled now by my will alone, this is a feeling to which I am very likely to become accustomed to, and unlikely to yield willingly.
Having read all the words that came before these, this author feels that the reader might query the relevance of the title of this entry, for the cases where this authors assertion is true, suffice to say, that in order to conquer the world, one must conquer his own world, and in doing so, I have taken another step toward the ultimate goal to which the title of this post, and tagline of this blog allude.


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