Hardcore Idiocy

You’ll never guess what happened on the weekend. Every dirty old mans fantasy came true all at once and quite accidentally. The Prime network aired  two minutes of hardcore pornography before of this weeks episode of Grassroots Rugby. I’d expand my coverage of this issue but I can’t because my vodem currently seams to be dead, despite the fact that the device underwent an apparently successful firmware update yesterday.

It snowed on the weekend, but the snow sillies quickly wore off thanks in large part to an unnecessarily large amount of rain. This just serves to show the ridiculousness of this country and it’s weather patterns, why can’t it go rain somewhere that needs it, like Africa, maybe that will give us a two second reprieve from world vision’s constant attempts to guilt trip me out of $365 a year, although I wouldn’t count on it.

Rehab is going well, we are trailing a new thing this week, now I get to take control of my own time. So far this trial has only served to reinforce my belief that there simply isn’t enough time, ever.

I’d really like some  M&Ms or something right now, but I have to go reboot and hope that it will be the panacea for what ails my modem


One thought on “Hardcore Idiocy

  1. Don’t forget about us!

    We have rivers that require “life support”.

    Although, aprently u guys get power/water shortages every year because of missmanagement.

    ps. checkout the new FowlSmurf.net

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