Balancing Act

I’m in a position where a definitive statement about my mood is hard to make. Tomorrow one of my closest allies departs for months and I am saddened significantly by this, but in contrast I am also happy about marking the end of a very successful week of rehab. So now I must balance the force of two very strong emotions, letting neither dominate my feelings and thoughts is hard, but repressing either just seams counterproductive.

Rehab this week was very much focused on time management. Until now rehab activities had been scattered throughout my day to help relieve frustration. Now that I am coping better activities have been condensed into a smaller portion of my day, as a result I get my afternoons to do what i please with on most days which is very cool. I’m proud to report that I have not been late for a single appointment this week which shows me what I’m capable of if I choose to invest effort in something.

I really do need to change my blog theme, I just hate logging into and using the WordPress UI now because windows live writer feels so much better. There are very few occasions where I have preferred a web experience over a client one.

Anyway, I best be off, I have to be at the gym in ten minutes and I  want to get there early.


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