Tackling Tooth Terrors

I’m in rehab to help increase my independence. Independence isn’t limited to my physical capability it also involves overcoming psychological limitations so that I can do the things I want to. One of my greatest psychological limitations is my inability to brush my teeth, tonight I made a commitment to myself to brush my teeth twice a day in an effort to overcome the limitation, make myself more socially acceptable and avoid any more horrendously expensive dental bills

I’m not sure of the exact reason I have such an aversion to brushing, I do like the feeling of clean teeth, but getting them that way makes me feel horrible My goal for now is thus:

“To brush my teeth twice a day for one week beginning Friday 1st august”

As an incentive to achieve this goal I plan on creating consequences for myself if I fail in the form of depriving myself of something I love for one day for each day that I fail to brush my teeth. It’s my hope that with these consequences and my determination I can conquer this fear and further improve myself as a person.

I intend to post daily updates here on my blog to keep you posted on my progress.


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