Bandwidth Is Not Free

This afternoon I bought a song from the iTunes music store and noticed that the music store now offers movies to it’s New Zealand customers. While I think it’s great that we are finally beginning to get the full array of products offered to customers in other countries, I have to wonder just how well Apple researched the decision to offer movies in New Zealand.

The cost of bandwidth in New Zealand is incredibly high when compared with other countries, when you consider that the average monthly quota size in New Zealand relative to the size of an average movie file it becomes painfully obvious that the cost of bandwidth is going to be a serious problem for New Zealanders who do want to take advantage of the new iTunes offerings.

For the sake of completeness I feel I should mention that Apple doesn’t feel it necessary to allow the user to see the size of files before agreeing to buy or download them. While this is fine in the states where it seams each man has a quota the size of his SUV, for the bandwidth deprived file size is a key factor in determining what to download and when to download it, by not providing file size information Apple makes it harder for me to give them my money.


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