Software Trust #3 Don’t Be Unwise: Come Quietly

When a user installs a product on his or her machine, a degree of trust is given to that application, and in return that application is required to meet some expectations. This series explores these expectations.

When deciding whether I want to install an application I look at what services it provides and the user interface through which you will access those services, if I want or need the service provided and I can stand to look at the user interface I’ll usually install an application. With the advent of the Internet and increasing adoption of broadband finding and downloading software has become an easy and usually painless experience.

Because software is easily attained and there is so much available my palette is now quite advanced, I know what I like and what I don’t which means I can usually avoid downloading and installing applications which are not to my taste but occasionally some bad applications have slipped through the filter and on to the hallowed platters of storage that are my hard drive.

Since my tolerance for these intruders are low, once detected removal begins very quickly – but some software just won’t come quietly.

INSTALL.LOG can not be found”

This really isn’t my problem. If the log was so critical to un-installation, perhaps it may have been wise to make a backup copy so as to prevent situations like this.

If you are going to put your product on my system, please make sure you can get it off again


One thought on “Software Trust #3 Don’t Be Unwise: Come Quietly

  1. This is a great series of articles. I thoroughly agree with the elements of design that you assert software engineers must adhere to. In a computing culture where even a Bluetooth driver is 64MB bad file location and installation procedures are going to become cancerous within the hallowed file-system of the ‘end-user’. As an end-user of many products I need the information to make an informed choice and I need the program to damned well uninstall when I ask it to. The worst offender (aside from malware, rather obviously in case others hadn’t thought that) is Norton AV. If I ever have to download a ‘removal-tool’ for mainstream commercial software I will blacklist them to every person I ever meet – which is what I’ve done to Norton.

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