Eliminating The Orange Nemesis

I recently returned from a meeting in which I was asked to demonstrate my ability to subjugate the natural state of several states of matter including the my second most orange nemesis, the carrot.

Now I understand why there might be a large anti-minority within my legions who harbour questions relating to just how a subjugation of this nature could occur given the amount of sabotage to be accounted for within the confines of my thinking goo, I call upon them to consider that I might be able to overcome the pathetic attempts of such minor neural  inconveniences and then I humbly dictate that they report immediately to liquidation chamber four for immediate termination because they have outlived their usefulness as minions and can never be useful as anything else.

For those of you who thought that elimination move was a little harsh, I care not as I care nor for those who spew mistruths from their speaking-holes: I have successfully render complete subjugation upon thy orange foe!

All remaining minions report to the main hall for a celebratory carrot feast, except Smith, we know what he did last summer and he must die


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