Plans & Something Missing

Ok so it’s almost 2AM and I am once again blogging in word because I am lacking windows live writer which I am missing sorely. It’s cold but not as cold as it was last night thank god. I spent a good part of today working with Visio beginning the design phase of mine (and James’ ) first Silverlight application.

I have always found the whole .NET 3.5 thing rather scary, mostly because they are unfamiliar and more difficult to pick up given their radical departure from Windows Forms which I have been working with for almost as long as I have been working with C# and the .NET Framework.

This application is intended to immerse me in the world of newness and doom for long enough for the newness to become oldness, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, sans the cliché sappy metaphor and the insect-based icky-ness.

The application which for now we are calling Click, will be a Silverlight based application which means that it will run in your browser, sitting astride a stomach-stabled .CLR and .NET Framework which plays nice with both Windows and Mac, putting to shame the incompatibility rants spewing from the marketing gizzard at a certain fruit company.

The developer tools for this exploit weigh in at what would be an acceptable if potentially extravagant 75MB, however taking into account the carnage I have inflicted upon my bandwidth quota this month, I may need to hold off on building the WPF (read: scary) portion of the application for a bit which frankly is just fine with me.

There is something missing right now, I know exactly what it is but I can not reach it just yet, but it’s absence is noted and is greatly unwelcome.

Now I must stop writing, for there are no more words in this stream. You can not drink from a dry stream, don’t try, I have, the aftertaste is as welcome as I am at a walk-a-thon.



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