Observing The Idiot

My operating system needed to be reinstalled last night thanks to a critical, as yet un-patched bug in windows known as user interaction. It seams when the user being interacted with isn’t actually reading or processing what is in front of him before reacting, bad things happen. This digital genocide I have committed is not entirely without redemption, for I had been planning a re-installation for some time now and had recently backed-up all my files to my hard drive – everyone does that regularly right?

I’m back now, sans Office, because my product key is at mums. I shall retrieve it sometime this week, when the inability to draw diagrams in Visio becomes too much to bare. The only true casualty of my idiocy, aside from a chunk of my huge pile of geek points, is my bandwidth quota, which I assume would resemble Fat Albert with ‘roid rage if it were to be rendered in human form.

It seams the world is electing. I’m as happy as I could be with the result of the US election The American people have created a greater potential for some sane decision making of the caliber one would expect from the administration of a country that feels it necessary to maintain a stock of nuclear weapons. This potential comes from the very nature of democracy, therefore it behooves us to wait and see as to the manner in which President Obama exploits the opportunity he has been granted,

If the reader is to extract anything from the opening paragraph it should be that idiots tend to do idiotic things. This lesson becomes most poignant as our own elections rapidly approach. While my almost microscopic sense of nationalism would compel me to vote, my much greater sense of reason would remind me that I am idiotic to the finer points of the candidates, their parties and the policies they advocate.

As an intelligent and reasonable person, I feel I must make the best of any situation into which I am thrust. Experience has taught me that the best kind of idiot is the silent kind, therefore, I feel compelled not to exercise my right to vote. Although it betrays nationalism, I feel that in the long term it is the smoother of the two possible courses given the potential harm an un-educated vote might inflict upon national history.


3 thoughts on “Observing The Idiot

  1. You could just, you know, do some research.

    I was going to write something about compulsory voting, but then wikipedia informed me that it’s not. I wonder how many countries do…

  2. You probably should have voted.. have u seen the new guy, he seems like a nut. But I suppose most of those that claim “conservative” are anything but.

    Right wing can’t be good for students, can it?

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