Building Click #1: History, Changes, And Progress

This series of posts documents the creation of Click from it’s previous life to what we hope will become our first ever game.

Before we delve into Click and it’s creation, I feel obliged to explain that this is not the first time I have tried to write this particular application. As with many of my previous projects, this one was shelved based on what I can only describe as frustration.

The original idea for Click came from a union of my desire to write code and my desire to irritate the world en masse. Click requires that the user to earn as many points as possible in a limited amount of time, should the user succeed points are earned. A mostly functional version of the game was constructed some years ago but this had a number of issues and was abandoned.

I decided to rebuild Click for a number of reasons:

  1. I enjoy writing and playing the game.
  2. I am determined to complete a project, it’s a vital step in determining whether or not I really have what it takes to be a software developer
  3. It gives me the opportunity to play with new technologies and put into practice what I have learned since the original failed attempt

This version of Click shares the same basic concept as it’s predecessor while making significant changes. The biggest change is the move from Windows Forms to the Silverlight platform, which will allow the game to be played within a browser on Windows, Mac or Linux.

As well as technical differences another major area of change can be found in my attitude to the development process. I tend to want to do things “right” to the extent that if something is not right, I will stop and modify it until the wrongs have been rectified, however this often leads to frustration and incomplete software, so for Click I have adopted a strategy of making it work before I make it right which has lead to some ugly looking, but functional code which I can’t wait to clean up in the next version.

As of right now 90% of the engine features selected for version 0.1 are implemented and I anticipate that the remainder will be complete in the coming weeks (time permitting). After this we begin the design process for the user interface, at which point we will have something you can actually see.


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