Building Click #2: When To Re-Factor

Right now I’m listening to Groove Armada and staring at the source code for Click, not coding, but thinking about what I have written and what’s wrong with it. I should issue the caveat that for the proposes of this conversation wrong refers to something that I don’t like about the code and not something functionally wrong with it.

A class is supposed to model a discrete object like a Window or a Button, thus far the Click engine exists as a single monolithic class that has become a central repository for the entire engine which makes me uncomfortable.

Because of my tendency to not finish projects I have ignored the bad smells in the code for quite some time and development has progressed, however I fear that if I don’t do any cleaning the code will become increasingly difficult to work with in the future

At this point my plan is to branch 0.1 when it is feature complete and clean up, but to be honest I’d like to do it sooner, I would also appreciate some different perspectives on the issue so feel free to contribute in the comments.


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