Apple TV: Will It Work In New Zealand?

In a previous post I wrote about Apple allowing New Zealand customers to purchase movies using iTunes, that was some time ago, since then Apple have unleashed the Apple TV which is a multimedia streaming device which is compatible with the Apple product family (iTunes & iPhone / iPod Touch). I can’t comment on the device itself because I don’t own and have not used one, however as with the iTunes movie decision (which was probably in preparation for the Apple TV) I have to question whether this was a good move in this market.

One of the core features (and revenue streams) for the device is the purchasing of TV shows or movies via the iTunes store, however due to international distribution rights issues New Zealand customers can’t buy TV shows and buying movies isn’t  exactly feasible given the incredibly high price for incredibly small amounts of bandwidth in this country, so unless Apple come up with something more compelling for people in regions like New Zealand, I really can’t see the Apple TV being that popular here.


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