Scouting For Gadgets

I am feeling in the mood to make a major purchase sometime soon, after considering my options I have decided that I want to buy either a TV or a hard drive-based PVR. I actually want both of these devices, however current budget restrictions would only allow me to obtain one of the aforementioned devices in the near future and I am undecided as to whether I should acquire the TV or PVR first.

There is nothing functionally wrong with my current 15″” CRT TV, so the case for getting one is quite weak, it stands as follows

  • I am a geek – geek  like shiny things, especially new shiny things
  • My old TV is a CRT and is very small
  • Nobody has a CRT TV anymore, a new LCD TV would facilitate a much better experience particularly with regard to image quality, size and future peripheral compatibility which I fear will soon become an issue as the world in general advances quickly toward the end of analog transmission of television.

The argument for a PVR purchase is better but still not something my mother would approve of, then again, she rarely ever approved of any of my technology purchasing habits and now that I am no longer a geekling I don’t require her to.

  • I have a need to watch entire series, preferably in series. A PVR that could be scheduled to record specific channels at specific times is of great value to me in this regard
  • Even wih subscription television there is frequently times when there is simply nothing on the piques my interest, having a media library that is kept fresh with the best bits of TV would mean that if I’m awake at 4:30AM as I so frequently am then there would be content available to me that I actually enjoy as opposed to religious programming.

While I’m aware there are computer-based PVR options, I’ve already had one bad experience with that option and I am hesitant to try it again.

As with most new technology purchases that don’t completely suck there are bound to be other advantages that I will find with whichever device I buy, but of course there will be some disadvantages to discover as well, so over the next few months I’ll be reviewing ny options before I spend in an effort to prevent this being one of those purchases I regret later


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