Morning Power

I’ve had one of the best morning’s I’ve had in a very long time. If I were to state that this morning started without exception, I would have a point of commonality with the Bush family, thanks to the fallacies which would be spewing from my cake inlet. This morning started at the gym, which seamed irritating prior to the outset, but quickly became a rather self-motivating experience as I had one of the best workouts I’ve had in my short foray into physical fitness. I completed 2KM on the arm cycle, a personal best for me.

I forgot to bring  my wallet to the gym, this was a beneficial departure from normality because I could not purchase any crap therefore I am at less risk of negating any fat loss I may have achieved.

The goodness does not cease with my workout. Today I will be completing and mailing my application to partake in an IT certificate in February 2009. This may finally be the gateway into the workforce that I want so badly, knowing that I’ve taken a concrete step toward it makes me feel good.

Now I’m off to to lunch, and then I shall make sure my enamel outcrops resemble a pearl.


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