Boredom + Nostalgia = (Enya + Shaggy) – $1.79

I have very little rehab today, having completed writing there is very little else to do. I would go to SuperValue to pick up noodles for cooking tomorrow but this may not be necessary as the exercise is in limbo.

I downloaded a few new songs, one of which is Orinoco Flow by Enya, yes, I like Enya, get over it now. The song reminds me of Nana and Granddad who I have been missing a lot recently. I wish circumstances would allow me to go and see them and the rest of my family in Australia – I miss you all.

I occasionally feel compelled to do things that  would  expose me as the social leper I am, but for the thin veil of nostalgic intent under which such goings on are performed. Yesterday, whilst under the veil, I decided it appropriate to listen to Mr. Bombastic. This was fun at the time, though I am now slightly concerned because that normally insufferable melody seams to have permeated my consciousness to some extent.

Depending on how I feel I might go and see a movie today, hopefully with a little more success than yesterdays attempt. If I go then I shall not look to see what’s on because I’ve discovered I like using the lack of knowledge as leverage to convince myself to go and see a movie I would otherwise ignore or mock.


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