Another Victory In The War On Dental Plaque

I skipped doing my teeth yesterday, I am not sure of the reasons for this but it was not the ideal situation, hence I have done my teeth now as repentance for my prior neglect. Initially brushing my teeth was a very bloody affair thanks to my sensitive gums, as I have continued to brush the amount of blood has steadily decreased and now the process is entirely blood-free to my knowledge, this discovery has prompted me to re-introduce the far superior electric toothbrush to my brushing routine as preferred by my excessively polite dentist.

I feel better knowing that when I am using the electric toothbrush a greater amount of undesirable elements is being eradicated from my oral orifice and while the electric brush does aggravate the few sensitive spots I have more, it is bearable and well worth it for the higher standard of cleanliness

Now, I must go discuss moving house.


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