The Troughs, The Peaks And A Small Victory

It’s extremely hot today. Given the absence of thermal intensity sensors from my possession, I can not render upon the reader a sense of exactly how hot it is with respect to any standard unit of measurement, but I can state that the temperature is such that I am uncomfortable at room temperature sans externally induced air movement.

Today has been a frustrating rehab day; of particular concern is my failure to navigate using GPS. The failure can not be attributed to a weak grasp of the concept of GPS-based navigation, but to a lack of analytical ability on the part of this author.

When presented with a route, I have difficulty making a correct assertion as to which direction I must face in order to follow the prescribed route, leading to an increased awareness of my lack of navigational prowess and the aforementioned frustration.

If the above paragraph were left to it’s own devices, the reader might be forgiven for taking the evidence held within it and forming the opinion that today was a complete failure. However, it is my device, which I shall use as a component of the greater whole. I would ask the reader to wait until such time as the stream of words before you runs dry before passing judgement on the nature of this day.

Amidst the frustration, I savour one minor victory in the form of a discovery which will, for time immemorial, increase the ease at which I might procure the food items that this universe deems a necessity for my survival. The local New World branch has a much higher standard with respect to both product accessibility and choice.I am happy to pay slightly more to utilise these characteristics to my advantage.


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