Morning Corruption

I woke up this morning to  the incessant ramblings of a political discussion on TV. After removing it from my awareness, I cast aside the warming layers and disembarked from the bed to enter a more active state of existence.

After cajoling just enough of the protective goo from my eyes to resume visual interpretation of the world around me, I sought out the power button for my laptop and gave it a sluggish tap.

The boot process followed it’s normal path until it came time to prod my session out of hibernation. To a less aware person, it might seam that I am to blame here, perhaps the session had not finished it’s hibernation and it’s insolence was simply a manifestation of it’s irritation at being rudely awakened by a lowly user such as myself.

Knowing that Windows sessions generally don’t include any type of personality at all, I enumerated the technical reasons I might be encountering such resistance.

I realised that I had seen this behaviour before, from a certain ill-conceived device. Removing the modem from it’s port yielded no change in behaviour from the infidel, nor removing my iPhone or external hard drive, each of which had been the catalyst for this behaviour in the past.

If the machine and I could have talked through this issue as humans, that conversation may  have gone something like this:

Computer: “Something’s wrong, can you guess what it is?”

Me: “Probably, since I’ve seen you do this before. Is it the modem again?

Computer: “No, and now you get to warm boot me, isn’t that pleasant!”

*Repeat for iPhone and external hard drive*

Me in the voice of Stewie Griffin:  “Mr. Session, I grow tired of this game you play, it’s time for you to die!”

After making the death proclamation I dumped my hibernated session.  The machine booted and is functioning normally but the cause of this morning’s brief mutiny will forever remain a mystery.


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