Almost Campus Compatible

This morning started terribly, I woke up and fell back to sleep and awoke again just as my taxi to CPIT was arriving. With some hep I quickly got ready and was on my way at the expense of a clean room for there was no time to tidy this morning.

In the taxi I made the taxi driver laugh which lightened my mood considerably before my meeting. After a brief question and answer session at disability support we were taken on a tour of relevant facilities, it was during this time that I stumbled upon one of the worse wheelchair accessible toilets I’ve ever seen, I shall include here a brief summary of it’s faults

  1. The toilet door was sliding, however any advantage to be gleaned from this was mutralised due to a design issue that made the door difficult to slide
  2. The rail was only semi-attached to the wall, whenever you moved it’s top connector banged against the wall

The computer rooms are OK except that there’s not enough space between desks to get the chair in, luckily this can be easily remedied. All in all the campus is by no means a shiny example of wheelchair compatibility but I should be able to hack it into a working state.


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