VCR 2.0

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was considering getting an HD recorder. Yesterday my consideration came to an end with the purchase of a new Phillips DVDR 3750H.

I am happy to have the device as part of my TV experience because my scheduling is about to become a lot more inflexible with rehab concluding and school beginning. In these busy times it’s nice to know that no matter how busy I get I’ll never miss an episode of family guy.

The device  supports HDMI and 1080p making it an excellent companion to any new TV I may decide to buy in the future.

The only negative point I am aware of thus far is the absence of a digital tuner but this is not a major issue as I do not foresee a switch to digital television in the medium term due to current economic constraints.

As an added bonus the recorder also functions as a DVD player so I can watch my Gilmore Girls in bed at long last.



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