Christmas 2008

After a brief hiatus for thr chrismas and new year period, I have returned once more to corrupt the mind of the innocent passer-by. How was everyone’s religiously-influenced celebration of choice?

My plan was to make a strategic advance to the wart on the rear of human civilisation that is Oamaru. Thanks to a series of events only partially within my control, I stayed here in Christchurch with Sophie.

Christmas was a relaxed affair with good food and fun, I played cards and an excllant game of Scatigories.

 I feel it appropriate at this juncture to thank Sophie and her family, I had a really good time.

What did you get from santa? I got two packets of Tim Tams and some socks with an appropriatly festive theme. As I sit writing this listening to Blink 182, I can’t help but contemplate how the meaning of Christmas has changed for me.

As I’ve aged Christmas has become less about the gifts under the tree and more about the people siting around it. I didn’t get a lot this year but I do appreciate what I got, and watching Sophie unwrap the one gift I did buy this year was a happy moment for me.

New Year was cool. I spent it woth Sophie and Rachel eating junk food and generally having a good time.

Sophie was called upon to babysit Neko. This experience has taugh me that no mater how well behaved a child may be, he is still a child and I am absolutly incapable of handling one of those EVER.  Please don’t ever ask me to take care of any offspring you migh have for whoom continued existance is a desire.

Sophie wants her laptop back so I have to hurry, buta before I go I need to thank Rachel for the V she baught me when we were randomly driving around before Xmas.


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