A Week To Remember

I’ve had a really cool week this week. I’ve been staying at Sophie’s place because rehab hasn’t started for the year yet.

Tonight Sophie, Rachel and I went to see Yes Man which was an enlightening experience. Before tonight I had always associated Jim Carey movies with the plethora of vocal peculiarities and sarcastic humor that made him famous. While it’s pleasing to see that elements of this are present, it is equally pleasing to see that it is no longer the dominant trait of the character or the film.

I also discovered the darker side of chilli sauce this week. Sophie and I got Sovlaki from our usual place, and as usual I ordered mine with chilli sauce. After beginning to eat this delicious meal, it was immediately apparent that this was no normal chilli experience.

This chilli was some of the strongest I have ever tasted. It overpowered the more submissive ingredients to assert its absolute dominance of my taste buds.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten chilli of this calibre, I was happy to have a sweat on my brow and copious amounts of mucus being emitted from my nose, however the experience became entirely more unpleasant when some of this wonderful hellish topping began to intercourse with my optical receptor.

There was immediate intense pain which was only marginally reduced by an ice filled cloth. My eye also turned red and some swelling occurred. As unpleasant as I found the experience it will only serve as a visceral warning to be more careful when I next indulge in the pleasure of extremely spicy food.

Lizzie came over today with a rented movie entitled “Shoot ‘Em Up” . I only saw the latter half of the movie, but this alone was enough to make extremely clear that despite the presence of some moderately acceptable camera work, this film was a front-runner for most cheesy cliché action film ever created.

Lots of other fun things happened this week but I lack the energy to bring them to memory. For now I shall cease to write, which behoves the reader to cease reading


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