One Of These Things Is Just Like The Other

I woke up earlier than usual this morning at 9AM. As I re-acclimatised to consciousness, I heard an ad for Basshunter – The Album on the radio which had previews of the singles Now Your Gone and All I Ever Wanted.

It’s good to see that Basshunter is making inroads into the mainstream music industry, even if it is only the pop industry, but I have my doubts about how long he will last if things continue as they are.

When an artist first reaches the critical mass of popularity, he will receive some airplay on commercial radio and album sales will increase, but anyone who has listened to commercial radio before knows that very few songs get consistent airplay in the longer term.

If one listens to any of Basshunter’s more recent works currently receiving airplay one is likely to notice the extreme similarities between the melodies in each of these tracks; a good example of this can be seen in a comparison of All I Ever Wanted and Now Your Gone.

I think it’s very unlikely that Basshunter will see continued success in the long term if he continues to recycle the same melody as it seams he is currently partial to doing.

On the subject of the melody for the aforementioned tracks, it is derived at least in part from a sample of a track entitled “Daddy DJ” by a group of French dance musicians of the same name

I can certainly understand following a successful strategy but I have to wonder how long Basshunter can continue to derive works from that particular sample before people loose interest.

[Bonus Geek Trivia: The music video for Daddy DJ was included as a sample movie in an early version of QuickTime]


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