Quiet Catalyst

In an effort to more quickly assimilate myself into human society, I integrated into a family unit at the first opportune moment. As a result of this,  I have become aware of a selection of interesting traits relating to mothers.

If one is to subscribe to the propaganda de jour, a mother is a human which has been most strongly afflicted with the X chromosome, which tends to manifest itself in a number of diverse and potentially irritating ways.

The behaviour most frequently exhibited by any given mother is not predetermined by genetics alone. Behaviour of a mother is strongly influenced by a number of factors including the behaviour of other family members, especially her spawn and spawning partner,  as well as economic and social pressures placed on the unit as a whole.

My mother most frequently exhibited a behaviour known colloquially as “nagging”. Nagging is an extension of the natural request-response behaviour found in human communication. The intent of nagging is to apply pressure to the recipient to achieve faster compliance without the use of force.

Upon initial observation, it would appear that the technique can be mitigated through simple non-compliance, but recent events seam to have contradicted this finding.

She would often nag about “getting a life” and that I should “stop using my disability as an excuse”, now, years after the initial attack, I am finding myself beginning to comply – this is a weapon of mass diversion.

I am developing the fundamental beginnings of a life. Rehab is the foundation of this new life; as these foundations are becoming complete, and my time in rehab draws to it’s closing crescendo, I begin to contemplate the things I will place on these foundations.

In February my course at CPIT will start which will add significant value to my existence. The course will give me a qualification upon which to base degree studies and may also help improve my social life.

In April, I am released from the prison and set loose in the community. I plan to reside in a flat of some variety and eventually get paid to play with computers I can’t afford.

On the whole I am looking forward to the next few months, for I shall finally begin to live a life that doesn’t suck.


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