Conquering Immutability

There is no incarnation of blasphemy so pure as that which is distilled from thy lips when called to perform the domestic arts.  I want not for a pound of flesh of those who ply allegations in this regard, for no allegation of mortal tongue could equate to the truth of this matter, much less append  to it excesses by perjury.

The mutterers muse of these things as the domain of sexes fare, I choose not this crutch to lean upon, my deficit is mine, and I shall bare it. I pray nothing but I shall fall to thy mercy in this regard

Immutable necessity for the product of domestic ventures behoves their undertaking, yet  neither attribute speaks unto the nature of said undertakings, allowing creative exploitation to triumph over starvation on most occasions.

Modern cliché infers that sliced bread is the pinnacle of human innovation. I propose that this assertion is false. Moreover, I conclude that the successor to sliced bread can not be found in innovations thereafter, by virtue  of the fact that such a successor can be found in bread itself.

Academic doctrine commands that no assertion be made without basis of proof, therefore I nominate pita as the proposed successor. Justification for such merits claims is derived from the ease of which it can be prepared and by virtue of the high amount of gastric satisfaction to be derived thereafter.

It is because of  the aforementioned properties that I do not despair my culinary shortcomings. Armed with this virtuous stable I prey I might forever lay siege to this immutable necessity.


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