Transportation Lamentation

The brew in my gut exudes anticipation, and some hesitance, to embark on that which is new. As my course commences, I can’t help but to dwell upon last nights thoughts of failure. I can cast them aside, but I can not deny their presence nor their basis.

One of the catalysts for the aforementioned anticipation can be found in the ambiguous murk surrounding my transport arrangements.  Most bipeds are of a circumstance whereby the use or transport  of a wheelchair is not required,  but there is a   minority who know too well the pitfalls of using private transport providers.

On the whole, the relationship between transport providers and the non-bipeds they provide for can be defined as a strong symbiosis.  This symbiosis is compromised if a non-biped should make a request of it’s symbiote   when mandatory educational facilities are being populated or depopulated.

During such periods, the transport providers are obliged to provide for the needs of the populace of these facilities,  and in so doing, they deprive any other non-biped of transport.

Because of the above circumstances, I am forced to investigate the use of public transport facilities . Should fruit be born from this experience, I anticipate that a substantial amount of time and effort will be needed to develop my skills into something usable.


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