Mediocrity & Redemption

Today has been a good day, but  it is only a good day by virtue of redemption. This day started with a rather boring exercise, making pita pockets, though these are delicious, I still harbour aversions to elements  their creative process,  particularly those which revolve around cleaning.

Having completed the loathsome cleanup, I was exiting the kitchen when I heard two colleagues discussing an issue they were having regarding opening a file. Their banter made it clear to me that neither was particularly sure of why the file was not opening, so I offered my assistance.

The root of this particular evil stemmed from an incompatibility between the format of the file and Microsoft Excel. Having established the problem, the chosen solution was to install OpenOffice.

Having done my good deed for the day, I retired to my room in far better sprits,  to indulge in the writing of code.

The afternoon did not behave quite as I expected, for it bore time at the gym, not an activity congruent to my normal afternoon activity patterns.

As unconventional as the afternoon has been, it is the point at which redemption for this mediocre day has been extracted.

I had a very good workout, it necessitated the production of sweat droplets to compensate for the heat increase resulting from an acute lack of sloth.

There is much more to discuss, but I am a single blog entry, I discuss what the writer bestows upon me, alas, there are no further bestowments here.


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