Code, Caffeine & Nuclear Reactors

Once again it’s 3AM, I’ve just finished reading a recount of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which for some reason was a topic of great interest to me this eve.

The forthcoming week will bare some interesting offspring. I have a menagerie of meetings to attend, at which I will address the issues of housing and my upcoming course, as well as other minor topics making a cameo appearance in my vey small world.

When one considers a weekend, one can feel relatively comfortable with the assertion that a protracted bowel is not the mental image at the forefront of ones mind, however, like the aforementioned bowel, this weekend was protracted due to the Waitangi day “celebrations”.

The term celebration must be air quoted heavily in this instance, because like each of it’s predecessors, any actual celebrating that may have occurred was overshadowed for me by minor unrest, and of course the obligatory physical interference with the Prime Minister.

For the first time since my jaunt into university, I spent this weekend in a highly caffeinated and frustrated hermit like state doing nothing but writing terrible code, I can only hope next weekend is better.

Some good did come of this weekend, however the forces of exhaustion are beginning to press upon me,alas I shall depart sans elaboration in search of the sleep behoved by the hour and begat by my circadian rhythms


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