Mal Cinematica

In the short time  I have existed upon this tiny planet, it has become apparent to me that the human breeding protocol is not as well defined as those which reign on my home planet. On this planet, it appears acceptable for one to liquidate a spawn if said spawn was not the intended result of your breeding activities.

Tonight this concept was impressed violently upon me, as the plans which I had so carefully conceived were sucked from my intellectual incubation unit.

When one fails, prudence expects one to perform a post-mortem in the interest of preventing further developments of this nature by the same consequence.

Endeavours of a cinematic nature are not affairs of exclusivity. In order for them to be successfully born, a degree dependence must be established upon a private transport provider. These dependencies are usually non-problematic, and this occasion appeared to support this assertion, however an assertion based upon a mean introduces a degree of unpredictability, this lack of predictability was the instigator for the undoing of my cinematic outgoings.

My verbal exchange with the transport provider established the illusion that transport facilities were available to meet my request, in reality they were not. Whilst waiting for the fore-scheduled transport to arrive, I received a call from the provider who,very apologetically, made me aware of the lack of transport.

It was  divulged that the errant allocation had been made on the basis of a computer which had been left on inside a taxi, making it appear available when in fact it failed to be availed.

I do not bare malice against the transport provider. While my plot may have failed to materialise, I am instead entertained by the company of my cohorts.

In all probability this is advantageous to me with respect to my fiscal liquidity, an important factor when a major purchase looms


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