Lethargy & Domesticity

The day approached it’s mid-life as I awoke, hopefully not in as much crisis as the person knocking at my door, protesting about changing sheets.

The woman’s wailings seam to have been the instigator of domestic motivations within me, as I find myself performing such tasks without the need for duress, a blatant contradiction of my position on such affairs.

While I have been quite active this morning, I am not ready to undergo physical exercise, which is unfortunate because this is the only rehab expected of me today.

I can’t help but wonder if my negative outlook on physical activity is a symptom of hunger. I haven’t eaten thus far, although the lunch offered seams vastly unappealing, I have not elected, let alone made plans to acquire any preferable substitute as of this writing.

One factor prolonging my lethargic state is the desire not to spend any money. This desire is the product of the necessity to stockpile monies until such a time as I can afford to acquire that which is the object of my desires.

While there are many other things lurking within my cranium, the vast majority exist behind a thick haze of uncertainty, to retrieve such things, more pondering is required then I currently have time to dedicate, and so for now the words shall end


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