Virgin Plethoric

I have had a lot of new experiences of late, each of these has served to impress upon me that nothing in existence is truly immutable, including existence itself.

I have always rather enjoyed self-gratification, for this reason I have made a somewhat hesitant return to academia in the hopes of attaining employment on the basis of it’s virtue.

I have chosen a new institution, this choice has invoked a number of consequences of various natures,  including the reincarnation of my navigational shortcomings, which appear to present themselves with less virility than in times prior

In rapture, I report that I have come to posses Visual Studio Team Systems without the necessity of nefarious behaviour, or fear of retribution thereafter.

The aforementioned acquisition  behoved the reinstatement of TestDriven.NET. I had feared that my perception of this product was far in excess of reality, however I was content to find that my perception and reality were almost indistinguishable, save for elements resulting from the products evolution.

I have come to the realisation that this recount is a vast dilution of the change that has recently come to pass. I shall cease to write for now, in begrudging acceptance  my current inability to express myself at any acceptable resolution. I pray the entries to follow will see a return to the previous standard


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