Phoenix Academia

Those of you in my inner circle will know that recently I enrolled in a course and that while  I an enjoying it I am struggling in certain areas, particularly in Data Organisation where my math skills are my largest impendence, one which is exacerbated by the fact that success in that area is requisite to the furtherance of my academic endeavours.

I still have my  regarding the probability of improving my math skill to the required level before they are formally called into question, however I no longer hold this as an impossibility which behoves me to call into disrepute the previously asserted certainty of failure while I acknowledge that it is a possibility to imply it’s inevitability would serve as moral contradiction and a perjury.

My recent elevation of motivational fortitude was instigated by a recent increase in effort on my part, which seams to have given rise to my inner desire to succeed. At this juncture I would also like to thank the small but awesome group of friends I have that keep me motivated, even when life appears to merge with the excrement of a canine in a conspiracy to destroy my dreams

I am phoenix, reincarnate evermore


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