Terror Cells

It seams that despite my complete superiority to all but one creature on this planet, I have temporarily succumb to the will of a single celled organism which aspires to end me by liquefying my brain and evacuate it through these idiotic human nostril devices.

I am currently fighting a battle with my own faculties, passages where air flowed freely are blocked by the membrane menace, hindering respiration and in so doing establishing a foothold for the lethargy which currently undermines my usual work ethic and motivation to succeed

Viri are horny little barstards and their orgy of replication depends upon the fuels siphoned from my body, in order to compensate for this my brain has created an almost insatiable desire for food, which all tastes like the rebel mucus blockading my airways

My patience with this insolent creature is suffering from a rapid loss of density and every second  it continues to exist is a second I hold in contempt


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