Reality Ate My Homework

Historically expression in written form has been one of my strongest abilities and this has proven advantageous when behooved by academia to impart knowledge in essay form. Unfortunately reality is non-linear therefore incapable of making guarantees with respect to  the continuity of the aforementioned truth.

This lack of continuity has presented itself. and in so doing, has rendered me incapable  of articulating even the simplest of concepts with any level of clarity, much less linguistic eloquence.

Humans are highly individualistic with respect to their response to stress. My response to the stress of a looming essay deadline is to procrastinate. I am fully aware that this response is not ideal in so far as being non-conducive to the production of the required essay, however it does  guarantee the lowest level of stress as long as I can maintain denial of the necessity to work, after this point the highest possible level of stress is invoked.

The reason that essays cause me so much stress is that I am somewhat of a perfectionist with respect to the way I express concepts in written form. I strive for the most succinct and elegant possible combination of words to express a concept, striving for perfection is itself a laudable goal, it becomes problematic because I tend to edit as I write as opposed to refining a complete draft.

The observant reader will note that given the above, this post is in fact the product of procrastination or perhaps meta-procrastination since I am dealing with procrastination while procrastinating.


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