Music, Databases & Tongues

It’s 8:44 and I have delayed leaving for the day to charge my phone because I hate when it goes flat and I’m not near a charger. Today should be interesting because we get to go play with Access in the tech labs, I know Jet isn’t the greatest database engine but its nice and simple which is but it’s good when what you care abut is the underlying design principles.

I’ve also been doing a lot of work in Excel recently as this is currently the subject of one of my class assignments which as of yesterday is almost half complete despite the fact that we haven’t covered half of what is required in class yet.

This morning I decided it was time to remove the abundance of facial hair that had accumulated as a result of my lax attitude toward shaving. This was an unpleasant experience because of the length and volume of hair and also because i managed to shave a small part of my tongue  (don’t ask)

“Having an abundance of plutonic relationships similar to mine and Mike Plato “

Yes, Supergrove are excellent, thank you for asking, and if you didn’t ask, I suspect by now you’ve detected that this is a literary device which I am using and therefore place no weight on whether or not you actually asked….ok

Mona Lisa by the All American Rejects is doing excellent things for me right now and I am finding this to be an increasingly common occurrence with respect to the renditions released by this particular horde of musically tenanted humans

And now, without further musings to impart, I shall depart to ingest further knowledge of all things databases


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