And Caffeine Begat Excrement

I’ve had a rather turbulent 24 hours. I have been extremely stressed about a number of things including moving out, my course and failing it as well as how I seam to be developing RSI.

I talked to mum today, all the isolation during my rehab means I haven’t talked to her in a while, I had been meaning to but fearing any potential weirdness that might now exist between us, thankfully no such weirdness materialized.

My caffeine addiction is back with a vengeance, I noticed this when I drank a coke tonight and my mood noticeably improved, I really should do something about this addiction but the depression that comes with fighting it is often worse than the dependency.

I got a text from one of my friends in Australia today which did help improve what I can only really describe as a completely crappy day in terns of my stress level, mood and attitude to life in general

As I prepare to bring this god awful solar rotation to a close I can only hope that the next one is somewhat better than this has been


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