Psychosomatic RSI?

I was just thinking to myself that perhaps I’m not getting RSI and this pain is just psychosomatic, after all I did only start feeling it after the RSI lecture at school, but before them there had been some very minor issues with my hand so I’m not actually sure

Maybe I’m just a nut, or this is really coincidental timing.


One thought on “Psychosomatic RSI?

  1. That’s very common. It’s very possible your RSI is psychosomatic or at least partly psychosomatic. I tend to think a lot of our modern day ailments are stress induced and have no mechanical basis. Try typing this out for five minutes without stopping “I don’t have an RSI. I don’t have carpal tunnel. This is all in my head.” If your hands don’t ache intolerably when you’re done, you’ll have your answer.

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