Uncertainty For Ambiguity

The night sits at the cusp of it’s final parry, before it’s inevitable fall gives rise once again to day. Within me, only the cold  might betray that I lie somewhere between this reality and the one that presides over my inner-self.

I seam to have found some reprieve from the issues which face me in the world in which others dwell, though this reprieve brings no rest, just a change to the landscape within which my mind continues to work.

My mind turns to that which has come and gone, and I wonder why resolution calls now, so far removed from its hour of poignancy, and if it is there to be sought,and to what end?

The origins of this call remain indeterminate as the nature of that which makes them, despite my keen awareness of this I am behooved by something instinctive to heed them, to bear them in thought, despite their being forsaken to chronology.

The collective extremities of that upon which I now reflect appear to resound harmoniously with the sentiments projected in Push by Matchbox 20 and also Love to Love You by The Corrs, although the relationships between these I would prefer to remain internal.

Now is a time of many dimensions and complexities and I am thankful for this new ambiguity if only because it presents a distraction from that which came before it.


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