Bitter And Sweet

Today my fears were confirmed, due entirely to the way I failed to appropriately handle my mathematical difficulties, I have made it impossible for me to pass my course.

This brings into the realm of possibility a number of scenarios relating to continuing my quest for qualifications and a number of rather scary scenarios which are likely to become reality if I continue to fail

My analysis of past situations of a similar consequence and gravity means that having digested and processed this the most productive course of action is to focus on the next course of immediate action rather than a wider scenario of any kind, in support of this I have determined that I must seek to re-enroll in my course and make a more concentrated effort with respect to math.

Focusing on the next immediate action  is most crucial at this moment in time to prevent loss of motivation and the onset of mental stagnation and paralysis, however one must then continue to consider actions in a wider context in order to position oneself strategically, to that end I am currently in the process of developing more well-defined contingency plans to account for the possibility of further failure.

While the aforementioned situation is cemented firmly at the front of my mind for the longer term, I decided to indulge in a movie this evening to relieve the accumulated stress.

I decided to partake of the action film Transporter 3 which elects not to diverge from the mean with respect to plot, however the film does compensate for this by way of that which is virtuous within it’s score.

One track which stood out for me was Trans Boulogne Express which has added a sweet aftertaste to what has been a rather bitter day.


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