Coal & Diamonds

Regular readers of my blog might posses some degree of confidence that this post is going to play the next  rendition of my misfortunes at polytech; unfortunately for those readers I must now impress upon them the partial failure of their assertion.

Today I had a test in internet fundamentals which studies the internet and how it works at the protocol level.

If I were as successful at delivering pizzas in such timeframes my hypothetical pizza retail business would turn quite a profit, however as a geek I find greater fulfillment in delivering answers to those who seek than delivering the fatty morsels designed to cement the fate of our gluttonous diabetic youth.

Today my success was rendered before the world in the form of a 90% score achieved in just seven minutes of the allotted hour.

If one were to question a geologist for that which begat  a diamond one would be told that they are derived over time from large deposits of coal, if one were to extend this truth metaphorically one can see how it is congruent with my fortunes

As the coal is to the diamond, so adversity is to my success.


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