Happiness and Magical Sound

For the first time in a few weeks I’ve not felt excessively sad or stressed. I now know that this stress and sadness was amplified to a significant degree by the impending exams and my concerns around being unprepared for them.

While I don’t have all my exam results back yet, nor my final course grades, I believe I performed to the best of my ability in all but my last test where I didn’t have the best strategy and therefore ran out of time without completing some critical areas.

I am happy today because I have yet again found some new music that behooves me to besmirch the name of he who hath placed these infernal constraints upon me.

These audio-pleasantries spew forth from none other than Bass-T & Sven-R-G in the form of two very cool but contrasting tracks Take My Hand and Drift Away which you will likely enjoy, unless of course you’re the type of person who believes drugs are a necessity to listen to dance music.


One thought on “Happiness and Magical Sound

  1. I was reading a complex treatise on political ponerology and the syntax was greatly reminiscent of your own. This made me think that perhaps your love of computers could be combined with your attraction to the inner-workings of the human mind & emotional constructs. There must be an emergent field that could combine the two. Psychology would allow you to avoid most math, too – leaving only statistical mathematics for you to learn.

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