Complexity, Consideration and Rocks

I’ve been neglecting to blog for some time now due to a set of complexities in my life which have dominated most of my mental focus of late. The two largest of these are school and housing, both of which are equally important and elusive.

I really wish the school thing would go away as this appears to be my biggest obstacle with respect to getting a life, and eventually controlling everyone else’s. A friend of mine whose opinion I value highly suggested that these issues are perhaps a symptom  of a greater problem, specifically my procrastination habits, which I have been making efforts to eliminate where possible.

I recently put an ad in The Press looking for boarding accommodation and received one response. Yesterday I went to view the accommodations offered by the aforementioned responder.

Upon arrival I was immediately faced with an accessibility issue in the form of an extremely steep ramp. I was able to summit the ramp with some assistance, at which point I was met by the next obstacle, an incarnation of the apparently omnipotent step.

After dismounting from my trusty hydraulic steed I summated the step on all fours and proceeded to explore the remainder of the house in this mode while my OT made measurements to determine which doorways and hallways my chair would fit through.

The house has a nice entranceway with wooden flooring and skylights which provide a lot of natural light.

The house consists of three bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. The entrance / kitchen area are generous and have wooden flooring and skylights provide natural light.

The bedrooms present no particularities to justify mentioning except perhaps that they contain oil heaters which will be an asset in the colder months which rapidly approach.

The lounge is of an average size and contains a lounge suite which may be made of leather, or one of the many other materials designed to simulate it for those denied the genuine article due to financial constraints or moral whining.

The bathroom is of an average size and houses an incredibly small shower and a spa bath which I will make no use of in order to satisfy my desire to avoid performing transfers which are more typically employed by those in  the gymnastic arts.

I will not expend this house as a potential future dwelling, however I feel it would be wise to continue to investigate other options at this point in time.

My writing is clearly not of it’s usual standard, I prey it returns thereto with time and more frequent exercise.


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